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Carl Sagan is my homeboy.

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WARP Anime Podcast back online

For those of you who have been asking and waiting for my old anime podcast to be available again, you now have your wish.  Head on over to to get your fill of those classic Weekly Anime Review Podcast episodes.  As far as I know the shows are all linked and working correctly, but if you run in to any problems please let me know.  Enjoy!



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Singing Along With The Flaming Lips

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I’ve turned into a bit of a shutterbug these past few years that I’ve had an iPhone.  Having a camera on you at all times provides many opportunities for some cool photos.  Even though I’ve had my iPhone 4 for almost a year now I haven’t gotten used to the fact that I can shoot video.  This is something I’ve been trying to remedy, but honestly not very many interesting video worthy events happen around me.

Last month however we went to see one of my favorite bands The Flaming Lips at the Fillmore Detroit (formerly the State Theater).  I’ve been wondering if the iPhone could record decent enough audio at a concert.  I’ve seen plenty of cool camera phone videos on Youtube with completely blown out audio.   So when the Lips performed an acoustic version of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots I decided to give it a shot.  As you can probably tell I’m really pleased with the result.

This was my fourth time seeing The Flaming Lips in concert.  They put on an amazing live show and I always leave with a huge smile on my face.  The last two times seeing them we decided on balcony seats since we don’t find being packed in ass to crotch with a few hundred sweaty strangers fun anymore.  With their projection screen though, it makes you feel like your right up front.

Lately I’ve been entertaining myself with following lead singer Wayne Coyne on Twitter.  I wish I had just an ounce of the energy and creativity that he has.  Definitely check out his feed if your a fan.

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Computer history rules.

Here is a fantastic talk from last summer’s DEF CON by the always awesome Jason Scott entitled You’re Stealing it Wrong: 30 Years of Inter-Pirate Battles.  He is not only a historian but is also the director of a couple awesome documentaries that every card carrying geek over the age of 30 should watch.  His first film BBS: The Documentary chronicles those crazy years before the Internet boom when lots of people ran and frequented computer bulletin boards.  More recently he has released Get Lamp which chronicles the rise and fall of one of my favorite game genres from those early years, the text adventure. Both are awesome, and if you enjoy this talk you’ll love the films.

This entire talk is fascinating, but I especially loved hearing all the stories about the Apple II cracker scene in the 80s.  As a teenager with a Commodore 64 I would get many cracked games from friends at school.  I remember looking at those crack screens with wide eyed fascination and wondered who these people with the cool names and flashy graphics were.  Of course many of these cracked games included phone numbers to BBSes where you could download more games.  But thanks to my brother’s foray into 1-900 numbers at an early age my parents were too freaked to allow me to hook the computer to the phone line.  It was probably for the best anyway. Enjoy!


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