WARP Anime Podcast back online

For those of you who have been asking and waiting for my old anime podcast to be available again, you now have your wish.  Head on over to http://warp.schnuth.com to get your fill of those classic Weekly Anime Review Podcast episodes.  As far as I know the shows are all linked and working correctly, but if you run in to any problems please let me know.  Enjoy!



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4 Responses to WARP Anime Podcast back online

  1. Derek

    that rocks so much! im soo happy to get to listen to them again! when the series ended i felt like i lost a best friend! ( one that i never talked to, and always talked to me) very glad you got your kid! i will be downloading them and listening to them once again! I know it was alot of work to do the show on your own trying for every week! that was heck of a goal and you managed for awhile. nobody could keep up on a goal like that all on their own, unless they had nothing else to do. Even so, it was a great show and very well done.

    • schnuth

      Thanks Derek, your too kind. :) I felt bad these were offline for so long, so I finally got my act together and got them back up. It’s fun to look back at my first steps into podcasting but I think a lot of the episodes hold up pretty well. Thanks again, and enjoy!

  2. Steve

    Hi Aaron! I was wearing my WARP shirt today underneath a button downed shirt that I was wearing unbuttoned. Well I was at the college bookstore getting screwed over by the too expensive college book system and feeling really crappy about it when the cashier who’s this young guy (I’m late 30s) asks me, “Do you like anime?”

    I was caught off guard by the question and then I realized he must have seen the shirt and we started a conversation. Walking out I felt less upset about paying so much for books and more happy about having made a connection with someone. WARP’s still having little ripple effects in people’s lives even after all this time.

    Thanks for the memories. I used to listen when I lived in South Dakota and now I’m in Florida. I think I’ll fire up an old show because a lot of times relistening to podcasts takes me back to the first time I heard them. I still remember the South Dakota snow when I think of your voice!

    • schnuth

      Thanks for sharing Steve! That’s a great story. I’m glad the podcast still lives on. I’m actually surprised that it still gets downloaded pretty regularly too. I still have a few of those shirts left in the back of my closet, I should wear them out once it gets warmer. :)

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