Schnuthcast Episode 1: Star Trekkin’

USS Enterprise @ Detroit Science Center

Welcome to the first episode of the Schnuthcast!  This is Diana and my new podcast, and we’ll be visting a different subject each week.  This week we talk all about how much we love Star Trek and our thoughts on the new movie.

We also talk about:

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If you want to comment about the episode leave a comment, send an e-mail, or hit our voicemail line at 206-350-2102.  Be sure to check out Diana’s Blog, Diana’s Twitter, and of course Aaron’s Twitter too.

We hope you enjoy our first episode!

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Schnuthcast Episode 001


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10 Responses to Schnuthcast Episode 1: Star Trekkin’

  1. Awesome man, I’m firing it up right now! Today is a good day :)

  2. Schnuth Fanboy right here! This is a great day!

  3. James

    I am so glad you are back in the saddle. I did miss WARP and you are the podcast that told me about Lord K, which is another most outstanding show.

    Looking forward to many more.

  4. I think it approprate to say I’m seeing two of my great love come together in the one audio show.

  5. Kris

    Excellent show. Looking forward to next one. One question…isn’t the proper term “trekkers”? I know some take umbrage to being called “Trekkies”. I don’t care one way or the other.

  6. Derek

    Wow. I had no idea you guys were into Star Trek that much! That’s cool though.

    I don’t consider myself a Trekkie, but I do enjoy the original series and Next Generation quite a bit. When I was growing up I’d watch the original Star Trek series, Next Generation, and some of Voyager with my dad. I saw quite a bit of the original series and Next Generation, but only a dozen or so episodes of Voyager (I liked what I saw though). He was never into Deep Space Nine, so I in turn was not into it either. I honestly have no desire to go back and watch DS9 nowadays. I’ve never really sat down and watched Enterprise at all, I think I was immediately turned off by the theme song LOL I know that I’ve never seen an entire episode of Enterprise.

    I actually really like Nemesis and Generations (I haven’t seen them for a long time though). I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Insurrection, but I didn’t like what I saw and I don’t have any desire to go back and watch it all anytime soon. I’ve seen all the original Star Trek films, and I like them all but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them. I seem to remember no one liking the 4th one.

    I didn’t think the podcast was long at all, and you could have talked about Star Trek even more and I would be perfectly fine with that :) Will you have a section in your podcast for questions from listeners? Looking forward to the next episode (especially your Japan report!)

  7. Walt Tanner

    The Klingon’s are explained from the original series in the fourth season of Enterprise. You should see this season it makes up for the crap before in this series.

  8. feedback to episode 1

    Hello Schuths…Schuthes…you two,

    When “Star Trek: The Next Generation” ended I realized I had spent a third of my life waiting for a new episode each week.

    Before that I watched the original series on Fox when that network started.

    I watched all the Star Trek series through thick and thin and largely agree with what you said.

    I am trying to come to turns with JJ’s movie.
    JJ is a good ideas man, but someone else needs to carry through – see Vaughn in “Lost.”

    Going into the movie I was thinking “another Star Trek time travel story?” and how the last three movies were only good to watch once.

    The “Fringe” lens flare out of nowhere bothered me.

    Simon Pegg bothered me – a real disappointment. It was like he was in a different movie than everyone else.

    Spock and Uhurha? It was if they were taking from the tamer fan-fiction.

    At the end they did not fix the damage to the time line and I left the theater a little angry.

    Now that some weeks have past I can see that not fixing the time line is something we have not seen before.

    Saying “this is an alternate time line” begs the question “Why should I care what happens to these people then?”

    Back to other “Star Trek” series.
    It was the third season of “Enterprise” that had the season long story of Earth being attacked by a races who were manipulated by time travelers from the future.
    That was pretty good.

    I was rolling my eyes when during the very first episode of “Enterprise” they brought in the temporal cold war.
    Really, time travel? Right off the bat?

    Season four of “Enterprise” is really good. At $90 too much, if you can Netflix at least do that. One two part story after another so good you wonder why they could not had brought in this Donald Moore guy sooner.

    The Dark Mirror universe story was good.
    Robocop and the evil mayor from Buffy were good in their roles.
    Bush Jr Vulcan was good. At the time it was politically dangerous to speak out against Bush like this.

    Then “Enterprise” was cancelled and Moore went off to the reimagine “Battlestar.” Gee, could that be any good?
    Yes, but only for the first season. After that only good episodes here and there.

    You mentioned not watching much of “Voyager.” I can understand that.
    I am keeping an eye out of season four not to cost $90 so I can buy it and pass it around.

    It has an episode that starts out like it is a Dark Mirror story. However, we are watching a history museum exhibit. It looks like it will be one of those stories where I am going to be beaten over the head with The Message, but then there is another twist.

    There was a multiparter where time travel was used OK.
    Voyager is in Earth’s past (modern day at the time of airing) and some future tech has fallen into the hands of a guy who has made a fortune off of it and will not stand idly by just for the sake of not damaging the time line.

    Had some good fights and some crew captured by anti-government forces. Also, good humor. Alien crew member mesmerized by soap operas. The government and gun nut wackos at a standoff. You do not get to see what happens, just hear it and see the gun nut’s reaction.

    US military over bullhorn: We want the craft (meaning shuttle). We want the occupants of the craft.
    Tuvok, the Vulcan security chief: Excuse me officers.
    Military: Who the hell are you?
    * Sounds of phaser fire. *
    Gun nut wordless reaction: Holy crap!

    There was another story, I am getting my season confused now, where Voyager was copied by a gelatinous life form similar to the Founders in “Deep Space Nine.” That gelatinous crew was visited again resulting in a pang of anxiety. “How many episodes have been with the real crew and which ones were with this second crew until now? They really would not mess me up like that – would they?”

    There was another story with the descendants of the dinosaurs. That sound really bad because you think of “Land of the Lost” tv, but it was good.
    Dinosaur anthropologist finds remain of a human crew member who was eaten by some monster a previous episode (previous season?)
    Finds Voyager, dinosaur military comes along and owns them badly. Only the helmsman is not captured, he is using cloaking tech picked up in previous seasons.
    Voyager is taken to Dino-colony and helmsman fights his way to bridge knocking out human sized triceratops and
    readies a full spread of torpedoes. Comms Janeway, she gives the OK to fire while staring down Dino-military.
    Dino-leader reaction to this imminent threat is a bored sigh and ‘whatever’ expression.

    I had not seen these in years, but still have vivid memories.

    Hmmm, looking over this list I see I picked episodes without a happy ending.

    Maybe the Shazam movie should be done in a “Dark Knight”
    matter ;)

    Do not read the summaries at; they ruin all the surprises.

    You may be interested in the June 10th edition of the Gateworld podcast. Compare and contrast Star Trek to Star Gate.

    Your “competition” in this podcast space you will want to keep an eye on.

    The Secret Identity podcast. Show number XXX – comic book reviews. Show XXX.5 movies, tv and video games.
    New show every week, Brian and Matt have never missed a week – amazing.

    The Mail Order Zombie podcast. Husband and wife team.
    They are branching out a bit from the core direct-to-DVD zombie movie review show and it is good.
    Zombie novels set during the American Civil War printed in the mid-1980s. I did not know that was a genre.


    I read the first two issues of “The Unwritten” comic from Vertical.
    I am interested in the B plot – Harry Potter fandom and how they would react if the character left the book and came into the real world and grew up to be kind of a loser.

    I have actively avoided the books myself. A few blocks from Anime Boston was the Harry Potter only LeakyCon.
    Weekend pass was $200 so I did not go. Judging from youtube and a few blog posts it is no different than an anime con.

    I read the first three issues of “Irredeemable” (Boom Studios). Top notch even if I wince at the $4 price. ‘Superman’ has
    psychological issues and goes bad. Killing ‘Justice League’ members and whole cities and heat visioning infants. It is quite something. We are seeing how ‘Superman’ slowly got worn down by regular people.

    I am reading “Gigantic,” (Dark Horse) but it is losing steam.
    First issue was fun though. Giant robot appears in San Fransisco. Is followed and a fight breaks out. Giant robot (Eva-like) runs through the streets “Look out! Out of my way!” * squish * * squish *
    Don’t look down. Don’t think about it.

    Reading “The Sword” (Image). Simple revenge story. Great, very bloody, action with moralizing.

    The third “Atomic Robo” (Red 5 Comics) mini series has started and is a fun romp. Imagine a liter version of “Hellboy.”

    The “Parasyte” manga (Del Ray) does not get a lot of love and that is too bad. If you watched “Blue Gender” and thought it OK. If you watched “The Happening” and thought it God awful, you should read “Parasyte.”

    People around the world think “We should do something to save the environment” “the world would be better off without people” “God should just fix things.”
    In response God (or Mother Nature if you prefer) releases Parasytes into the world. Or is it the humans who are the parasytes?

    Anyways, the creatures hatch and drill themselves into human brains, taking over the head. Resulting in something that looks human but can unwrap itself into sharp, fleshy tentacles. All the better to eat humans checking the population. See John Carpenter’s “The Thing” for an idea of what these things look like.
    However, the parasytes do not always get to a human head.

    Enter Shinichi, a high school boy who wakes up just as a parasyte is lunging at him. It goes into his right arm and his life is changed. Unimaginatively naming the creature Migi, Shinichi is caught up in the Parasytes trying to find their place in the world (they form a pro-environment political party). The government dealing with this crazy problem and losing Shinichi humanity bit by bit as Migi exerts his cold-hearted view of the world on him.

    “A dead dog is just meat in the shape of a dog.”
    Read the first two and you’ll be hooked.

    “The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service” (Dark Horse). Top notch, something you should be reading as well. AWO covered volume one a long time back. #2 has Yata being drugged by his would-be girlfriend and the sock puppet on his arm keeps talking for a bit. First yelling at Yata for falling asleep on the job and then accusing the girl of drugging the drink before Yata’s arm falls over. A little creepy, but also fun.

    “20th Century Boys” (Viz). Read the first two and just got the third. A notch down from the other two manga, but still good.

    I read the first two “The Drifting Classroom” (Viz) and it has been interesting to. Seems this grammar school got unstuck in time and shot forward in time to when the same place is now a wasteland. Basic survival is difficult. The adults are as much a danger to the kids as the environment, if not more so.

    I check the first two volumes of the “Pluto” manga out of the library system and they are a good read. It will not take long to get into the mystery.

    I also just read “Y: the Last Man” via the library as well.

    In anime, I am up to DVD 3 of “Baccano” and it is great.
    The music is as much a character of the show as in “Cowboy Beebop.” There is a lot of humor and bloody action and different view points on the world and ones place in it.
    The jumps in time are so seamless at this point the disc just merged into one long bit.

    I am watching “Slayers” for the first time. Up to episode 7 and it is a bit of a chore.

    “Primeval” season three has started on BBC America and is moving in some interesting directions. At the end of season two what I thought the scary crazy ex-wife had pulled multiple copies of the soldier out of individual seconds of time. What actually happened was…um, are you watching this show?

    On line short movies to watch.
    French Zombie Clown
    Deadly Dress 4: Never a Bride

    Good luck on the new show!

    David Anderson
    Marlborough, CT

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